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With Rent-A-Geek on your side, you get a wide range of technology experts. From virus removal on your computer, to pc refurbishing, to home or office networks, to clerical support on demand.

We can handle your corporate networks, your home theater, security systems, data backup & recovery, even your Red Ring of Death. Got a pile of paperwork? Going Paperless? Moving to The Cloud?  Need a website? We can help!

With Rent-A-Geek IT and Tech Services, you get an entire IT department full of local specialists.
But, you get them with one contact and one price.
You only miss out on the overhead of full time tech support and staffing.
Call 251-978-4550, or drop us a line today for your customized support package!
"We are each, in our own specialties, dedicated to changing the way you feel about your home, office and corporate technology forever.

We’re the best, and we’re here to help.

That’s why they call us The Geeks."

"Webbie" began her love of all things technical in a legal office. Dabbling with websites and database management while recovering from a shoulder injury in the early 1990's, she knew she'd found her forte.  She served as MIS in a major resort for several years, and became Geek In Charge at Rent-A-Geek when her partner relocated in 2001.  She's been offering her widely varied expertise to her Gulf Coast friends and neighbors in one form or another ever since.