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Rent-A-Geek Information Technology (IT) Services has been working in web site design and development since the late 1980's. While many of our early sites are no longer functional, we hope you will enjoy this assortment of screen shots, graphic edits and live sites-- a few ideas of what we can do for you.

We work in all of the latest design concepts, from Secure Shopping, to HTML 5.0, Flash, Java Scripting, Active X, CMS, BBS, and Database Management to full range imaging through our Graphic Design and Logo Development Center. Our in-house editing staff can develop and proof your text, while our photography contractors can take care of your slide shows, photo albums and on-site snap shots.

Whether you have a layout in development or need a one-stop web design shop, Rent-A-Geek will be happy to give you a customized quote to suit your individual needs as well as your budget.

Our Web Developers believe that your site should be as unique as your endeavor. We DO NOT use canned sites, templates or other mass production schemes. Our Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Services are tailored to your clientele and your market. We don't use tricks. We design and market the old fashioned way -- with great communication and elbow grease.

Rent-A-Geek understands that if you don't shine, we don't. Let's work together to build your web branding image just the way you want it.

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